Janet A. McSharar Selected to Regulatory Clinical Committee for Nursing Facilities.

Janet A. McSharar, DSV Health Care Partner, was selected to serve on the Indiana Health Care Association/Indiana Center for Assisted Living (IHCA/INCAL) Regulatory Clinical Committee for Nursing Facilities.  The Regulatory Clinical Committee for Nursing Facilities examines and analyzes emerging regulatory, clinical, and quality issues… Read More >

Salary History Inquiries Under the Equal Pay Act

By:  Melanie M. Dunajeski The Equal Pay Act of 1963 (“EPA”) requires men and women be given equal pay for equal work—or rather substantially equal work in the same establishment. More than fifty years on, women’s pay hovers around 80 cents for each dollar… Read More >

NLRB General Counsel Memo Gives Employers Guidance on Work Rules

By: Melanie M. Dunajeski The pendulum swings.  Employers no doubt recall the angst created by the NLRB in recent years with respect to employment policies and work rules—starting back with the 2004 Lutheran Heritage Village-Livonia decision that resulted in many common-sense employer work rules… Read More >