Local Price Preference Repealed

By: Daniel M. Drewry During the 2011 session, the Indiana state legislature created uproar in the construction community when it passed a Local Price Preference.  Last summer on this blog we discussed the impacts of the statute and the City of Indianapolis’ reaction to… Read More >

Taking (Quick) Measure of the Measured Mile

By: Daniel M. Drewry Lost productivity directly impacts a contractor’s bottom line and is a common claim component, but it is extremely difficult to measure.  Last week in this blog we looked at learning curves and how they can lead to labor inefficiencies.  This… Read More >

Loss of Productivity & Learning Curves

By: Daniel M. Drewry Although there are numerous causes of project labor inefficiencies, one culprit not often discussed is the “learning curve” of an employee or crew.  In the construction industry, the time required for a worker to perform a repetitive activity decreases with… Read More >

A Brief Primer on Acceleration Claims

By: Daniel M. Drewry When faced with an excusable and compensable delay claim, a contractor is entitled to recover not only the increased costs incurred as a result of that delay, but also is entitled to an extension of time in which to perform… Read More >