DRI – Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar

By: Albert Barclay Wong, Drewry Simmons Vornehm, LLP

One of the ways that the attorneys in DSV’s Health Care Services Group stay at the forefront of health care law is by attending continuing legal education seminars.  The attorneys in DSV’s Health Care Services Group are very involved in the Defenses Research Institute (DRI) which is the leading organization of defense attorneys and in-house counsel.   DRI is host to 30 substantive committees whose focus is to develop ongoing and critical dialogue about areas of practice and DSV’s Health Care attorneys are members of the Medical Liability and Health Care Law Committee.  This Committee presents, at least, two important seminars every year that DSV’s Health Care attorneys help plan and attend.  The seminars are the Medical Liability and Health Care Law Seminar and the Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar.  This year’s Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar is being held on September 14-15, 2017, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel, in Atlanta, Georgia.     

DSV Partner, Barclay Wong, is a member of this year’s Faculty and is presenting a session titled “Defending the Nursing Home and Assisted Living Case in the First 100 Days. Communication, Investigation, and Case Development Required by Insurance Companies and Providers” at 3:20 p.m. on September 14, 2017.  Barclay’s presentation will explain how to formulate an effective strategy to prepare your case for success in the first 100 days and describe best practices including interviewing caregiver witnesses, identifying high risk exposure, key clinical facts and the importance of early evaluation.

More information about the 2017 DRI Nursing Home/ALF Litigation Seminar can be found at: http://www.dri.org/education-cle/Events/-in-category/categories/events/seminars.