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Janet A. McSharar Selected to Regulatory Clinical Committee for Nursing Facilities.

Janet A. McSharar, DSV Health Care Partner, was selected to serve on the Indiana Health Care Association/Indiana Center for Assisted Living (IHCA/INCAL) Regulatory Clinical Committee for Nursing Facilities.  The Regulatory Clinical Committee for Nursing Facilities examines and analyzes emerging regulatory, clinical, and quality issues… Read More >

Employers—You Really Should Have Job Descriptions

By: Melanie Dunajeski At our recent seminar “Employer Self Audit-Identifying Potential Problems Before They Arise,” one of the questions we asked our participants was “do you have a written job description for each position at your company?”  The responses were mixed—some did, some had… Read More >

Prevailing Party Clauses and Fee Awards in Indiana

By:  Amy L. Elson Parties contract with one another to memorialize their mutual understanding of their agreements, to provide structure and certainty to their agreements, and to control and allocate risk associated with their agreements.  They enter into a contract with the intention of… Read More >