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Prevailing Party Clauses and Fee Awards in Indiana

By:  Amy L. Elson Parties contract with one another to memorialize their mutual understanding of their agreements, to provide structure and certainty to their agreements, and to control and allocate risk associated with their agreements.  They enter into a contract with the intention of… Read More >

Wait, My Neighbor Can Do What?

By:  Scott Fisher With the current construction activity in high gear, this author has been contacted several times in regard to runoff that has caused damage to neighboring properties.  Invariably, the situation centers around a construction project (whether commercial or residential) which has altered… Read More >

Where to, Next?

By:  Alyssa C. Hughes The great (or at least famous) Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., wrote a seminal piece for the great (or at least famous) Harvard Law Review in 1897 that made a quite daring argument: the study of law is the study not… Read More >