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Health Care Legislation Update

By:  Tyler S. Lemen and Alyssa C. Hughes Summer isn’t only about the outdoors and hotdogs (though we do contend those are essential elements of the season).  Every year on July 1st, the most recently passed statutes take effect.  For the busy professional, we… Read More >

NLRB General Counsel Memo Gives Employers Guidance on Work Rules

By: Melanie M. Dunajeski The pendulum swings.  Employers no doubt recall the angst created by the NLRB in recent years with respect to employment policies and work rules—starting back with the 2004 Lutheran Heritage Village-Livonia decision that resulted in many common-sense employer work rules… Read More >

Medical Licensing Board Opioid Prescribing Requirements

By:  Janet A. McSharar In 2014, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board passed regulations establishing standards and protocols for physicians to follow when prescribing opioids to treat their patients participating in chronic pain management programs. The regulations are intended to curb the potential for opioid… Read More >