EnerDel Announces $237 Million Investment in Indiana Plant

By: Joseph M. Leone, LEED AP

At a news conference this afternoon, Indiana based EnerDel, a leading Lithium-ion manufacturer, announced plans to invest $237 Million in a new manufacturing plant outside of Indianapolis.  Governor Mitch Daniels accompanied EnerDel executives in announcing the investment and creation of 500 more jobs to staff the plant.  The investment includes State and local economic development incentives of approximately $70 million.

The news came during an event to commemorate the collaboration between EnerDel and Volvo in development of Volvo’s C30 electric vehicle.  This news comes on the heels of the announcement by electric vehicle manufacturer, Th!nk, that its manufacturing facility will also be located in Indiana, farther north in Elkhart.  EnerDel will supply batteries for the Th!nk City, an urban electric vehicle, as well.   In addition to the automotive industry, EnerDel supplies advanced battery systems for smart grid upgrades.

With the demand of hybrids, plug-ins, pure electric vehicles, and smart grid battery systems expected to continue rising, Indiana has positioned itself as a leader in green transportation.    Hopefully, these new developments help push along the economic recovery in Indiana and lead to additional construction investments throughout the state.  Ultimately, the expansion of green industries will likely lead to other related green investments in the state for which all of the people of Indiana will be the beneficiaries.