HFA Board Changes Renewal Requirements

By: Barclay Wong

The Indiana Board of Health Facility Administrators issues licenses for Indiana’s health facility administrators.  All skilled nursing facilities must employ a health facility administrator as its leader.  Health facility administrator licenses expire on August 31, 2022.  Every licensed health facility administrator must apply for renewal before this date, pay the $100 renewal fee, and answer six renewal questions under oath.  The Indiana Board of Health Facility Administrators has added a new requirement for this renewal cycle.  For the first time, all renewal applications must include the submission of continuing education units (CEU) certificates at the time of renewal.  All health facility administrators are required to complete 40 hours of CEU during each two-year license period.  Prior to this renewal cycle, health facility administrators were only required to swear they completed the required CEU.  The Indiana Board of Health Facility Administrators then conducted random audits of health facility administrators to ensure that they had actually completed the required CEU.  This year every health facility administrator will be required to prove compliance.  Health facility administrators who have not completed the required CEU are subject to potential fines.  Any health facility administrator who lies on their renewal application or submits incomplete or fraudulent CEU certificates could face a potential licensure action based on renewal fraud.  DSV’s health care attorneys have a large amount of experience dealing with health facility administrator license issues and licensure actions.