IU Set to Move Forward with Major Building Initiative

By: Sean T. Devenney

A recent announcement by Indiana University President Michael McRobbie suggests that IU intends to move forward on significant building projects at its IU Indy and Bloomington campuses in the near future.  This should come as good news for contractors and designers in need of work given the economy.  It is important to note that IU has been on the forefront of utilizing the design-build project delivery method (permitted under a 2005 change to Indiana law allowing public entities to utilize the design-build project delivery method).   As a result, contractors and designers interested in potentially bidding these projects may want to consider seeking out a design-build team member to help compete for the projects.  While no information has been released to date suggesting that IU will definitely go design-build on these projects, IU’s architecture department has indicated at past seminars and presentations that IU is pleased with the results achieved through design-build.  For additional information regarding IU’s new building initiative, read Wednesday’s IBJ.com article: http://www.ibj.com/iu-president-plans-aggressive-building-campaign/PARAMS/article/18314