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Capacity and Consent in Health Care

By: Janet A. McSharar When delivering medical or nursing care and treatment, it is imperative for the practitioner to determine the patient’s capacity to consent to the recommended health care and treatment.  A patient cannot consent to health care and treatment if the patient… Read More >

Enforceability of Settlement Agreements

By: Scott P. Fisher Settlement agreements are most often negotiated between counsel for the respective parties.  Generally, the two (or more) opposing counsel receive instructions from their clients but communicate the back and forth offers of settlement amongst themselves only to later relate those… Read More >

ConsensusDocs Standard Form Contract for Design-Assist Services

By: Joseph M. Leone As project owners continue to see increasing value in collaboration between designers and constructors during the preconstruction phase, techniques such as design-assist, Lean Design and Construction, and integrated project delivery (IPD), are being used more frequently.  Last year, the ConsensusDocsTM… Read More >