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Construction disputes generally are adjudicated either by litigation or arbitration. Whatever the forum, construction disputes present technical issues that involve specific legal doctrines and require unique standards of proof both for claims and defenses.

The DSV Construction Services Group, in conjunction with its Litigation Services Group, has litigated, mediated and arbitrated a wide variety of construction disputes.

The adjucation of construction claims presents challenges that are distinct from other civil actions. Construction claims usually involve numerous issues and multiple parties that arise over an extended period of time. The typical construction case consists of many distinct claims, any one of which could be the subject of a separate proceeding.

Construction industry professionals and project owners are keenly aware that participating in the arbitration or litigation of complex construction cases is time-consuming and expensive. The significant experience of DSV construction lawyers in both arbitration and litigation enables us to develop a strategic plan that supports the objectives of our clients.

Anthony M. Eleftheri
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