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DSV recognizes that the most valuable resource of any business is the dedication, talent and creativity of its employees. Recognizing this economic and intrinsic value, DSV believes that employees are motivated to achieve in an environment in which policies are clear and consistently applied.

The creation and uniform enforcement of up to date employment policies and procedures provides the best environment for avoiding litigation.

As part of the DSV effort to help ensure positive employee relationships within various businesses, the employment law attorneys at DSV can review and evaluate existing employment agreements, policies and guidelines to ensure the Employer’s contractual, intellectual and trade secret rights are adequately protected; draft plain language employment policies and handbooks, employment contracts, covenants not to compete and restrictive covenants, and other agreements to effectively communicate the Employees’ rights and responsibilities; review policies and handbooks and documents periodically to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations; and advise corporate counsel and corporate human resources / personnel directors regarding litigation avoidance measures and the handling of employment-related situations and decisions.

Melanie M. Dunajeski
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