Practice Areas

The DSV Governmental Services Group provides a full range of legal services through all phases of bidding, awarding, and managing of the many forms of Public Contracts, including Public Construction, Public Procurement, and Public Professional Services contracts. The firm’s focus remains construction. We assist our government clients “from the cradle to the grave” on any public development or construction project– from creating project development and contracting strategies through prosecuting and defending claims based on the same contracts even years down the road.

We have advised both governments and businesses on a wide variety of contract issues, including:

  • Public Construction
  • Green Building
  • Public Purchases
  • Specifications
  • Bid Letting & Solicitations
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Negotiating and Awarding Contracts
  • Purchasing Preferences
  • Delay & Impact Claim Evaluation
  • Claim Prosecution and Defense
  • Payment Disputes
  • DBE/MBE Certification
  • Professional Services Contract Negotiation, Drafting & Enforcement